Testing our parachutes in Science

Today in Science we have been testing the parachutes we made for our homework. We have carefully predicted which ones would be most successful. We have been thinking about scientific language such as air resistance and gravity.

I think that Tabby’s will be the best parachute because there will be more air resistance in the bag as it goes down and the air will keep it up. Pia 4T

I think that Harrison’s parachute will stay up the longest because all the air resistance will push inside the bag making it float for a while and the weight is very light so there will be little gravity pulling it down. Ella 4T

I predict that my parachute will fall the slowest because I have a lighter man and lots of air can go inside the bag and push it up. Joseph D 4T

The wining parachutes were made by Laila, Bianca, Shakira and Matthew. Jonny 4T







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Su Aujlareply
October 8, 2013 at 17:26

Lovely to see the comments and photos of the children with their parachutes. They were very excited on monday morning before school trying them out!

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