We feel that home-school links are the most important aspect of a child’s education and these are encouraged in a variety of ways.  We like parents to feel welcome in school at all times, to share with school staff their mutual interest and concern for their child’s education and to be informed of any changes and developments in the school curriculum.

We are regularly in touch with parents through newsletters stating all the school’s activities and we endeavour to maintain close contact at all times between parents and teachers.

A termly learning conference is held during the autumn term for parents to see the new teachers and see how their children have settled in. A second one is held later in the academic year to discuss progress and targets.  At these sessions there will be an opportunity to see your child’s work in detail and to gather information about the progress your child has made along the national curriculum.  A written report is sent home during the summer term with the opportunity for parents to see teachers if they wish to discuss the report.