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Our Values

Through  respect, responsibility and hard work, everyone in our community will achieve their potential, feel happy, safe and secure and will develop the skills needed for their future learning journey.


Value ourselves, others and the world around us. Respect costs nothing!

In striving to be respectful we will…

  • listen carefully to everyone
  • follow instructions
  • keep the school environment tidy
  • value differences
  • always show kindness to others through words and actions
  • take pride in our own work and achievements
  • try to make others smile
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Fulfil our duty for the benefit of everyone. No excuses!

In striving to be responsible we will..

  • take control of our own learning
  • have the right equipment to be ready to learn
  • show independence
  • make the right choices
  • accept that our actions can have impact for ourselves and others
  • all play a part in the classroom, school and wider community
  • work together to achieve more

Hard Work

Doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. That’ll do, won’t do!

In striving to be hard working we will…

  • keep trying even when things get tricky
  • maintain a positive attitude and believe in ourselves
  • challenge ourselves and take risks
  • learn from our mistakes
  • keep pushing ourselves so we are always getting better
  • dream big
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